This is what clients, partners and journalists say about me and my work:


"I've had the pleasure of working directly with Insa since 2019 and enjoy our collaboration very much! Insa is approachable yet very professional and she gives great constructive feedback. She's very proactive and transparent with her communications. She has great knowledge of the tourism industry and has been a great source of help to bridge the gap between our company's marketing activities and the communication channels towards the German-speaking markets. Her authentic style of writing and storytelling allows our business to sound more personable than the traditional B2B descriptions. You are in good hands working with Insa and I highly recommend her."

Tram Pham, Indochina Travel Services ITS Vietnam

"Ms Witte has been supporting our faculty since 2017. In this period of time she has contributed significantly to the coordination of our diverse activities. She has particularly developed the difficult field of complex academic communication in our college. She listens well and always finds the right way to communicate the topics from our academic ivory towers to the publications relevant to us. I can absolutely recommend working with her."

Professor Dr. Heinz-Dieter Quack, Ostfalia College for Applied Sciences

"Insa Witte has been supporting us in our communication in Germany for a couple of years. Not only does she show an extraordinary engagement for Jordan and therefore also for the national airline, but she also knows the German media landscape very well. She always knows where to pull the right story that is interesting for the media and link us with the right and relevant publications. She has excellent contacts with the media as well as with the players in the tourism industry. She listens to us and always consults us in the right way for a successful presentation or our airline. Thus we were able to realize several good media clippings. I can only recommend working with her."

Kareem Elouri, Area Manager Germany at Royal Jordanian Airlines

„Ms Witte has supported our activities to impart classical music as well as classical concerts with several PR activities in a very empathic and competent way. She has represented us in such a way that there has been equivalent press attention and thus contributed to reaching a broader circle of people interested in concerts of classical music.“
Prof. Fabian Menzel, College of Music and Performing Arts Frankfurt


"I have worked with Insa Witte over several years on tourism projects, among others during the CMT partner country of South Korea while I have gotten to know her as an extremely reliable and professional colleague with depth and empathy. Like me, she has comprehensive multicultural expertise, broad knowledge of foreign languages and thus the necessary understanding in associating with people which all is very useful for her communicative work. Insa knows how to listen to others properly. In our fast moving time this might be more important than ever."

Thomas Brandl, owner of xenos-comm and longtime spokesperson for the Stuttgart fair


"As a freelance journalist and travel writer since more than 25 years I am well acquainted with the tourism industry in Germany, Europe and many other parts of the world. For research reasons I regularly travel either on an individual basis or with other journalists to the destinations I work on. This is usually essentially supported by national and regional tourism boards as well as PR agencies. Here, there are always serious differences in the quality of the supporting activities.

When it comes to research in Spanish or Latin American destinations I prefer working with Insa Witte and her agency CASA 92 Kommunikation since many years. Ms. Witte is a reliable and exemplary sparring partner in counseling about the topics and contents before the project as well as in organizing and realizing the trip as such. Thanks to her engagement best contacts are guaranteed and reasonable as well as practical procedures on-site are possible. In 2011, for example, she supported a very complicated press trip of mine to Chile and the Easter Island during which I was dependent on undertaking several individual excursions apart from the usual group activities in order to produce a demanding series of articles for Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung. With the commitment of Ms. Witte I was able to finalize the in every sense perfectly organized and supported research despite several external impediments."

Dr. Volker Mehnert, Travel journalist


"I have cooperated with Insa Witte in my work as a tv journalist many times and also participated in press trips to Singapore and Jordan that were prepared and accompanied by Ms. Witte. She has a great talent for organization, a very fine sense for journalistic needs and an engaged, helpful and yet pleasantly calm way of working. I am looking forward to realizing further projects with her."

Michael Altenhenne, TV Journalist

"Dear Insa Witte,
As we have been working together since more than 20 years now – you as the PR expert and I as the critical journalist – I find this is the time to tell you how much I appreciate and have appreciated your professional PR support. I am sure that I have not always been an easy partner (journalist). Looking to meet the very special expectations of my readers I have often surely made it quite difficult for you to organize hotels, restaurants or press trips for me.
However, you have always managed to organize everything perfectly to please your clients as well as myself.
Your clients must count themselves lucky to have a PR consultant at their side which is competent and always excellently prepared about their topics such as you are. With the growing number of PR agencies nowadays this is not a matter of course. And this is also the reason why I am writing these lines.
For this help that actually makes the work of serious journalists possible I would like to thank you cordially.
I am looking forward very much to further effective cooperation.
Klaus Lenser, editor-in-chief of Gour-med