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The expectations and ideas of my clients are at the heart of my work. I don’t merely implement but strive to guide and support my clients in their communications strategy. As the base of a successful partnership it is imperative to establish an open exchange of ideas.


If you are interested, I will be happy to discuss your ideas. During our conversation I will analyse your expectations strategically and together we can evaluate what is realistic. It is my primary goal to match your expectations to reality as much as possible. I also enjoy embarking on new topics and will search together with you for other possibilities to present you positively.


In the following you will find a summary of my portfolio:


  • Communication Advisory Services

  • Strategy Consultancy

  • Guidance through the World of Media and Blogs

  • Text work

  • Organisation - from press trips to workshops

  • Training

  • Marketing

  • Cooperations

What is important for me in my work for you:

  • Transparency

  • Flexibility

  • Honesty


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